Apartments Bistričić

Island of Krk, Croatia


Krk (3.494 residents) has the status of the city on the island. The island of Krk has 68 settlements and this takes first place in Croatia. City of Krk has fifteen villages (Poljica Muraj Bajčić ...) with a total of 5482 residents. City of Krk has a rich history and its monuments: Town walls, Frankopans castle, the church of Our Lady of Health, Krk Cathedral, Square Kamplin ... The population of the town of Krk is engaged in agriculture the dominant olives and vines, and fishing the dominant apartments, restaurants, cafes and taverns. Gastro gracious host is the following: ham, lamb, cheese, seafood, salted fish and superb black and white wines. For guests who prefer a little more active vacation, the city of Krk and the surrounding area, among many facilities, it offers: surfing, sailing, diving, fishing, water skiing, tennis, table tennis, beach volleyball, cycling. Nightlife can be performed in numerous night clubs and discos which are located on the Kvarner islands and the mainland. Grad Krk offers and visit small uninhabited islands for tourists who have opted for it to be their home Robinson. Festival Melodies of Istria and Kvarner held in late June, and is different from other festivals in Croatia, in that it is held for ten days and each subsequent day will be held in another place. Krk is connected with all countries in Europe and the world, because it has access to three airports, highways and ferry ports.



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